Rewarding Loyalty (0.4)

“Finally!” Miles Winslow said, when John Lydia came out of the side exit of the building with his security entourage. Other members of the security team stood flanking Miles, silent and impassive. He gestured at them. “These damned trained apes won’t let me into the car!”

“Your phone and your tablet were issued by the campaign, I think,” John said, sounding bored. “They are property of the transition team, as is the laptop you left in the car. Did you leave anything in the vehicle you would like to reclaim?”

“Yeah, my seat,” Miles said. He chuckled nervously. “What’s going on here, chief?”

John held out his hands.

“The phone and tablet, Mr. Winslow,” he said. “They are not yours.”

“What the hell is going on here?” Miles said.

“I knew that you lacked vision, but surely even you can see,” John said. “Your talents were useful for the campaign I ran, but the campaign is over. I had intended to keep you with me throughout the transition so that your future employers would have no doubt that you were a valued and appreciated member of my team, but… you take too many liberties, and you show too little discernment. In short, you have become a liability, Mr. Winslow.”

“I’m being fired?”

“If you wish to put it that way, feel free. For my part, I am prepared to issue a statement saying that you, having completed your task, are stepping back,” John said. “This statement will say that your contract was through November 8th, and you stayed on another week as a personal favor to me. If you would like to set the record straight, that is your decision, but I think you will find that my version of events serves you better than the one you’d tell. I would say I’d think you’d find your severance package adequate, but if you could recognize or appreciate adequacy, you would not be in this position.”

“This is what you call rewarding loyalty?”

“That is exactly what this is. I urge you to recognize that.”

“You son of a… did you forget that I know where the bodies are buried?”

“Indeed, I did not,” John said. “Did you forget who put them there?”

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